Q: What was your favourite memory while playing for the Flames?

A: My favourite memory as a Flame was the entirety of the 2004 Stanley Cup Playoff run. It didn’t end how we wanted it to, but it was pretty much as close as you can get to winning the Cup. Making the playoffs was the goal all year, and to be honest, nothing much was expected out of us after that. We had a great group of guys to go along with a couple of star players and we took off once we got in. The city was on fire and it was a great time.

Q: Who was your favourite teammate and why?

A: That’s a pretty tough question for me to answer because I usually got along pretty well with everyone. If I had to pick one teammate from my time with the Flames I would pick Steve Montador. We were similar in age and similar in where we were at in our career, both personally and professionally. Steve was a great guy.

Q: Where did you settle down when you retired from hockey?

A: After I retired I moved to Scottsdale, AZ for about three years. I spent the summers in Calgary because it was too hot for me in Scottsdale during that time of year, but besides that, I spent the majority of my time there. Now I’ve switched things up and for about the last two years I’ve spent the majority of my time here in Calgary.

Q: What did you do after you hung up your skates?

A: I packed up all my hockey gear, tossed it into the garage and didn’t touch it for a while. I basically spent three years golfing. I joined a golf club called Whisper Rock in Scottsdale and spent the majority of my time looking for my golf ball in the desert.

Q: What are your interests and passions outside the game?

A: I enjoy golfing and reading, and I do enjoy working out as consistently as possible. I am by no means in great shape, but I think it’s very important for both the mind and body to keep active. For the past year or so I’ve been working for Triton Telecommunications in Calgary and that’s been interesting, too.

Q: Tell us a bit about your family.

A: My parents live in Sherwood Park and I have a younger brother who lives here in Calgary who is married with three kids, a two-and-a-half year old girl and twin boys that will be turning one later this year. As for me, personally, I’ve never been married and I don’t have any kids. In my mind, it never made sense for me when I was still playing hockey because I was getting shipped around every year, and it was never a priority for me. I had my hands full just trying to take care of myself. But I do have a girlfriend now, so maybe I’m moving in the right direction.