Q: What was your favourite memory while playing for the Flames?

A: Playing for the flames in general was a surreal experience, especially growing up just outside of Calgary and being a Flames fan my whole childhood. My fondest memory was the second game ever wearing the Calgary Flames jersey. I scored a hat-trick that game. Not only was it a hat-trick, it was my first goal as a Flame and was also my 100th career goal.

Q: Who was your favourite teammate and why?

A: It is hard to pick a favorite as I’ve enjoyed so many of the guys I’ve played with but Matt Stajan and David Jones stand out. No particular reason, we just clicked and share similar lifestyles both on and off the ice.

Q: Where did you settle down when you retired from hockey?

A: I currently live in Calgary.

Q: What did you do after you hung up your skates?

A: I grew up on a farm outside of Cochrane. I have always had a passion for farming and agriculture and have continued to pursue business opportunities in that field. In addition to the agriculture business, my wife’s family is in the auto business, and I take on a part time role with them. The Flames alumni group offers many great opportunities to be involved with numerous charities which is something I’ve always valued. I also enjoy coaching my son’s hockey.

Q: What are your interests and passions outside the game?

A: Hockey will always be a top passion as I find myself still very involved. The outdoors, hunting, cattle, farming and spending time at the lake with my family.

Q: Tell us a bit about your family?

A: My wife and I have two kids. Our son Max who is 7 and our daughter Grace who is 4.